Natural Selection

Here’s another. Hope you like it.

I like this Geoff…I always loved your Kuiper Belt stuff so this is a big turnaround in style, but some nice precise playing and sweet mix. Great job! :agree:

i realy enjoyed that geoff it was unusual & it reminded me of zappa & captain beefhearts the magic band aswell… dont take offence cos thats a compliment

It’s a smasher, GeoffO. Oomph!!! Love the end.

Tina! As Willy says, check GeoffO’s Cuiper Belt stuff.

That’s really cool. Did you try panning the guitars a little further? The lead doesn’t stand out enough, perhaps that would give it more space. Might be my crappy headphones and the laptop that are the problem, however.

Thanks you guys.
Tina, haven’t listened to much Zappa- I’m ashamed to say (but I’ll put it on my to-do list), nor much by Captain Beefheart- who incidentally just died recently, no?

Thanks Tony/Willy about the Kuiper Belt stuff. There were a couple duds of “songs” but I had tons of fun doing it. The electronica aspect isn’t something I’m normally in to- but I felt like giving it a go.

Yeah Tom, you might be right about the panning. I first panned hard left and right, then went back to my default method of -60 and +60. I’m always conflicted on how much to pan guitars. :laugh: I normally mix on headphones (and line-in alot) because of my living situation, but I know it’s not ideal. When I get back to redoing the song, which inevitably always seems to happen, I’ll try giving the lead more room.