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adding additional samples

Howdy I’m new to the drummer. I tried to add extra drums samples; additional snare, symbols etc. I added the samples to the library folder where the other samples are located (and gave them similar program names). But didn’t see them added to the list of drums from within the drummer. Also after reading the how’to’s I tried dragging and dropping them onto a pad, (boy did I feel dumb doin that!) with no results. Anyone have a clue for adding extra drums to nDrummer?

I don’t know, but I would suspect you would have to name them exactly what you are trying to replace - snare.wav, etc. rename the ones you are replacing first so you can go back (snareold.wav)
You may have a problem if your new samples are not “accurate” or reasonably same size as n’s.

Try replacing a snare first and check it out.

:laugh: I thought I was bad about not reading posts.

extra drums samples; additional snare, symbols etc. is what I said. Pw? I know that you haven't worked the nDrummer.
Thx for taking the time to respond anyway goodman.

I mean I did use the original names when I replaced with my main drums.
But want second choices, thoes second choices arn't showing upaaa. El'Comando

I just had a thought.
I might be taking the wrong approach.
Meaning I’m trying to add drums to a kit that is used in a specific pattern which requires no more drums.
Think I need to figure out how to make a kit in nDrummer.

It’s also a little vague in explaining how to start with a blank page to create a new song. One can modify existing patterns and beats but they are associated with a specific kit.
It’s pretty cool regardless.
One good option to add would be to vary the hit position slightly to give more realness.

yea - I read what you said - did you read what I said?


I don’t know, but

there’s only two kits Levi - if you know enough about the layout for n-Track Drum kits go ahead.
:laugh: Ya but you didn't read what I said.
I did that and they are replaced nicely! I want extras.

Ya one might not be able to add extra drums.
There is spaces available for them however good buddy or anyone else.

Here’s the link to DK+drum manual Levi, n-drums is based on this app. It’s a pdf manual for download.
Don’t know if it would help but you can try it.

Wiki Link

Here’s DK+ web site also Levi, may be even more info there.

DK+ Drums

:agree: Thx Yaz that should keep me busy for a while!