Need a little help geting started

I just started using N-track and have a couple questions. I want to record the guitar through a PG57 mic. Can you set it to record mono? Also the sound I am getting is not clear, sounds like the guitar is playing through a thick blanket. Tried all kinds of eq settings. I run the mic through a Behringer UB502 mixer to the line in on my Realtek soundcard that came with my Sony VIAO PC running XP, Ntrack 3.3. Vu meters run right and N-track file looks right, just no quality at all in the sound. Actally I get better sound through the tiny little mic that came with the PC bypassing the mixer!

go to and find the section about gain structure…that may help you a lot.

Mic placement is very important as well.

Too close to the hole (from the top, too much bass)
Too close to the hole from the bottom, lots of treble and plectrum noise.
Closer to the bridge gives less ‘body’ and more 'cut.

The best results i get (with only one mic) is the mic about 12" away from the guitar looking slightly down (and in) on the 12th fret.

But that’s for me, and my idea of what type of sound I like might not be yours. Play around with it (if you can monitor with good earphones when moving the mic around while someone else is playing, it’ll help)


Quote (glanz @ June 08 2005,23:32)
Can you set it to record mono?

Hi Gerald ... I'll answer the easy bit! :D

Yes, you can set it to record mono. What you need to do is click on the small hammer icon on the Recording VU-meter. This will open up the recording settings, and you can then choose to record:

Stereo to Two Mono Tracks


I forgot to mention it is a mic’d amp, loud speedmetal!
Do I need a pre-amp before or after the mixer? I have an old Marantz preamp in the attic. Thanks for al the replies!

The mixer includes mic preamps, so you shouldn’t need another. I have been using an older Berry mixer (the MX602) for the last three years with no problems, and I have been able to get a decent sound through it.

I haven’t used it for micing a guitar cab though, so YMMV.


I forgot to mention it is a mic’d amp, loud speedmetal

Hahahaha - well that settles that then !

Ignore previous post - I think the mic need to be at least close to the cab, other than that, you’re on your own !


Cheers !


Difficult to say, there might be one of a number of problems. If n-track plays back wav-files OK, I do think it is a hardware problem or something with mismatching connections.

If the mic is allright, could be a problem with the mixer. It might be broken or you might be pushing it too hard (allthough that shoud distort, not dull the sound). The output might not match the input of the pc… I’m guessing you have already tested the mixer with headphones, PA or whatever. Have you tried connecting a boombox to the rca line-outs to test those?

It might be a soundcard problem: The mic that came with the computer connects to a mic-in, right? So if that works fine, then the line-in where the mixer connects could have problem. Have you tried connecting a CD-player or such to the pc’s line-in?

And, of course, it is allways a good idea to check if the cables are properly connected and not broken.

You might try moving the mic cable to the other input on your mixer. I think that model berry has 2 mic-ins? If one channel has gone south, the other might yet be functional.

Good luck!
'til next time;
tony w

The mixer only has one XLR with phantom power which is where I put the 57. Mixer is brand new so I need to check it out and the mic make sure it is ok too. Thanks!

Have you tried recording a vocal? How does that sound?