Need a simple audio sequencer that can host vsti's

AND accept live audio input


I’m looking for an alternative to n-Track (preferably free or cheap), for use with VSTi’s, that also accepts live audio input. I’ve had some crashing problems in n-Track (with Jamstix) so thought I’d try another audio sequencer program for a while. It needs to be to record both the live input and the VSTi output to a wav file(s).

I’ve tried SAVIhost but it seems to only record a wav of the VSTi output, and NOT the live instrument at all - I want to record both, generally panned to the left and right in order to keep the parts seperate to continue tracking later. I have checked the soundcard recording settings (and I know the live instrument is interacting with the VSTi, in this case Jamstix) - but I can’t seem to be able to get SAVIHost to record both the VSTi and the live audio input. If I could fix this then even SAVIHost would be good enough for me.

Any advice appreciated.

Many thanks


Run Chainer (Google it) with your synth loaded in it and have it record and save the output with it’s own record feature. At the same time, have the sequencer of your choice open and record the the “dry” output signal of your guitar. Then just transfer the Chainer .wav file to a separate track than the “dry” signal in your sequencer. This is how I record. I don’t even fool with the vsti features of any sequencer. I’ve found that they all are just too glitchy and complicated. Good luck.

Hi etaws,

Unfortunately, I am using ASIO drivers, which don’t let me record/play with more than one application. i.e. only one app can use the soundcard at a time. In fact, even using WDM / MME drivers this can be a problem. Hence the need to be able to record both live input and a VSTi output within just one program.


The sharing the of the soundcard issue is a real pain generally.

Anyway I think I’ll keep playing with SAVIHost and see if I can improve things with it.

when you say “live input,” what do you mean? Are you using a midi guitar or keyboard as a midi controller and as an instrument in their own right?


To clarify… I’m using an electric guitar (via pre-amp) plugged into the soundcard line-in. In n-Track you can select the Live Input Processing option; in SAVIHost it is already selected and a loaded VST (effect or instrument) will react to the audio input.

What exactly is “live input processing?” I am not familiar with that.

I’m wondering if (for those who are familiar with these apps/plugins) if I need to set the outputs of SAVIHost and/or Jamstix.

Does anyone know if Chainer accepts live audio input?

Live Input Processing allows you to run a guitar through a VST effect - whilst you’re actually playing it. See… n-Track Help: Live Input Processing

ok. gotcha. had a brain fart. anyways, I’m confused. why do you need to use the vsti and the guitar at the same time? Can’t you program the midi and dump to wav somewhere where it works (savihost), then import the wav into n to use with live audio you record afterwards? ??? I do this all the time. I have ntrack and audition. I use n for vsti’s, and do a lot (though not all) of my mixdowns in audition.

The Jamstix drum-machine VSTi reacts to the live instrument. When you play quietly, the drums play quietly…and vice versa - it livens up with ride cymbals and more fills when you play loudly. Great for jamming with, to get that live band feel.

This is why I need to record both simultaneously. I can do so if I record the line-out of my PC into an external device, however that’s not necessarily the best solution. I’d still like to be able to do everything on the PC.

Of course you can do this easily in n-Track - but n-Track crashes when used with Jamstix (for me).

I’m considering buying Tracktion, as I know it would do what I need…but just wondernig if there’s a cheaper or free option :)

I think SAVIhost only records the output of the single VST that is loaded into it. It won’t record the dry audio input, or anything else…despite being able to hear it myself.

I’ve kind of solved the problem. Got rid of the ASIO drivers, which weren’t helping, and I’ve gone back to Direct Soundsdrivers, which work best with my soundcard. I can now operate VSTIs in another host whilst recording the Stero Mix in n-Track.


I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!! What you’re trying to do is what I’d like to do, ie, record all you’re AUDIO input “inside the box” so to speak. Unfortunately, to do this the easy way I have found only one solid solution after MUCH research. It involves purchasing the Echo Mia soundcard (which is fairly reasonable). The Mia has eight “virtual” audio I/O’s that you can assign any way you like, eliminating the need to f**ck around with midi (I dislike midi). This way, you can listen to a previously recorded track in ANY sequencer that doesn’t support vsti’s while recording a standalone or vsti host output to another track, WITHOUT them “bleeding” into each other. I believe that having two ASIO sources open at the same time won’t be a problem (like it is now). Right now, I’m using the M-audio 2496 soundcard which is a great sounding card, but unfortunately like most other cards won’t let me perform the afformentioned function.

J.W. which version of N are you using?

I’m using build 1846 and Jamstix is very stable for me…

It will occassionally crash if I try to remove the VSTi for some reason. But I usually only do that once I’ve already rendered the drums to wav and am just trying to clean up the sng file and free up some system resources so it’s not a biggy.


I’m using v3.3, build 1516. I never bothered to upgrade to v4. I’ve been put of by .NET and the periodic bugginess of v4. When Jamstix crashes in build 1516, it totally locks up n-Track, and it can take ages when trying to close it with Ctrl-Alt-Delete. Nightmare.

Anyway, I’ve taken a different tack now. Not only do I too dislike midi, but I also dislike messing around with computers if I can help it - find it’s too much of a distraction from the creative process, what with files, folder and crashes etc.

I recently bought a Tascam 4-track cassette machine, and today I recorded live jamming from Jamstix (with SAVIHost) and guitar into it, and it sounds great! I love the rougher and heavier sound of tape. Bass sounds good recorded to tape…funkier, mellower.

I used 2 tracks for stereo drums, 1 for guitar, and 1 for bass. That’s all the tracks, I know, however I will gradually copy them into n-Track for mixing and mastering (don’t mind computer working when I’m mastering; prefer to avoid computer use when I’m tracking though), then I can then wipe a couple of tape tracks and record over them with say a keyboard and second guitar part. Transfer these in also, and hey presto, 5, 6, 7 or more tracks of analogue tape sound now sitting in n-Track, waiting to be mixed and mastered etc. (There are also ways to get rid of tape hiss and make the tracks sparkle BTW).

Thanks for the replies though. Yes, I do like trying to record “in the same box”, or rather - as simply as possible. I’m always on a quest for the simplest possible recording setup. At the moment I prefer the hands-on fell of working with tape again, like the old days.