Need An N-Tracker From Grand Rapids, MI

Hiya Fellas!! Nya Nya!!

I’m going to be in Grand Rapids Michigan for the next 2 weeks starting Monday, and within that time, I am going to need to find someone who has N-Track in that area. I will need to lay down a vocal track to a music track that I have created, and I won’t be able to wait until I get back home to lay it down; and I can’t do it right now because I have larengitis. Hopefully, by next weekend I will be well enough to make an attempt at singing.

This song has a deadline that will end before then. If anyone in the G.R., MI area can help and would like to make a few bucks, I wouldn’t need but a couple of hours of your time, if that much.

I will be seeking out a studio regardless of whether it is someone who has N or not; I just thought I would give a “N”-er the first shot. You can email me at: just put “G.R.MI N-Track” in the message line.



You can let me know through this forum string as well.

How about Flint? :)

OK, a little far…

Studio no longer needed. thanks anyway.