Need comments on this recording

Stadium Rock Song

Please provide comments on this song. It is a tongue-in-cheek songs about an ageing rocker.

I really want to work on the recording quality.

It is titled “To Old To Rock, but Too Young to Die”. Think of an ageing 70’s rocker that is still playing in the local bars.

It has drums, bass guitar, rhythm guitar, light piano, light strings, lead vocals and harmony vocals.

I still have some work to do on polishing the song, especially the ending. BTW, the screams are meant to be cheesy :;):

Funny song :)

I like the riff and the lead guitar.

The vocals sound a little muffled to me and I think you should turn down the treble (about the 20k Hz) on the hats…

That’s my 2 cents.


I really dig the song, and the guitars sound great (I love the tone on the lead, and great playing, too). The vocals sound like they might clip in a few places (or maybe you’ve got a brickwall compressor on them?), and they might need a little brightening. I do feel that it loses momentum and direction after the guitar solo – maybe really crank it up and cut the breakdown? Altogether, though, this is really, really nice.

(Also, I really love the “cheesy” screams)

Maybe the vocals are clipping a bit or I was overdriving the input. I didn’t like the way they sounded but was having trouble nailing down the reason. I will probably redo them to get a better recording.

I might axe the ending also. That is easy enough to do. I wasn’t completely sure what direction to take the ending. One option was a pathetic attempt to get the crowd going and they never respond. I still may do this but shorten it substantially.

I am considering putting “OK. Last call. Don’t forget to tip your waiters and waitresses.” "Thanks for coming out to see us tonight. This is my story … " Start guitars.

As for the lead guitar, I friend stopped by while I was working on the song so I had him lay down a track. He has a degree in Musical Performance from the Berklee School of Music so that should have been easy for him! The lead guitar is a Epiphone Les Paul with Seymour Duncan pickups played through a Fender Pro Jr amp using a 1x12 cabinet. I used a Tube Screamer Plug-in also.

For the drums, I took my laptop and recorded them at a friend’s house. His basement was unfinished and very open. I put one mic on the bass drums and used one over the floor tom and one low by the snare and hi-hat. He is coming to my house to record it again. I will use two overhead mics and a bass mic this time. I will try a directional mic on the snare to give it a bit more kick. I agree that the hi-hat is too much.



Vox need to be little more up-front (or just easier to understand), especially when you’re telling a story with a sense of humor like this one.

Nice bass sound, but the kick drum doesn’t seem to be meshing with it… Maybe more kick, or less bass? The two should work together to create “one” sound.

Oh, I see… you panned the bass all the way to one side! That’s a little unorthodox…

Try panning the bass dead center and panning your rhythm and lead guitars opposite of each other.

Quote (SaxAppeal @ Jan. 06 2005,11:11)
One option was a pathetic attempt to get the crowd going and they never respond.

Probably because no one wants to announce to the world that they are "too old" for anything. Yes? :laugh:


You stole my thunder John. I also noticed the bass panned over to the right. Bass definitely needs to be the center. It is a foundation instrument.

Bruce N.

Hey, I like the wit.

I’m not a rock player, so take this with a grain of salt.

I agree about the bass. In fact, I think it should be screaming along with the guitar; now it’s “too tight”. You might try
running it through the tube screemer, or even redo it running through an old tube amp to get a growl.

The other suggestion would be to try a Hammond organ part to fill-in the rhythm. Finally, some echo and reverb on everything would probably give it the stadium sound you’re looking for.

re: recording. Sounds professional to me. I found it a touch too bright, but I used headphones.


Hey Sax
I think it has a really nice fat sound!!! Really Really fat!!! Very seventies Jeff Beck sound.(that’s a complement!) The JB trio rocked!! The only thing I would like to hear more of is the snare, it seems a little buried to my ears. Nice job!!! Keep up the great work!!! I’m working on a similar one, our bass player is 60. I was still poopin’ in my pants when he was playin’ in roadhouses :D

Nice song, Recording sounded good to me, nice use of echo at the end. Panning bass to one side seems odd, by chance did you only pick up one channel? Very pro, good vocals and harmonies too!

The panning stuff was done intentionally but I didn’t really understand what I was doing. My goal was to separate the rhythm guitar low sounds from the bass but I realize that should not be a problem. I get it now. Bass in the center.

Thanks for all of the input.