Need feedback on this mix please

a Latin number you might know…

Would be grateful for any feedback on this mix. Its a guitar instrumental cover of a Latin number you may have heard, called Tico Tico.

This is pre-master, and I would probbaly add a little compression and a bit of high end sparkle, but I wanted to get some comments on the mix first.


Tico Tico

I don’t think you need any compression on this recording, except maybe just a hair on the low frequencies - n’s new three-band compressor should work perfectly! A little eq here and there is likely what you shoud experiment with, maybe removing some top end from the bass, and a hint of low end from the guitar so they sound a little more seperate from each other. But I think it sounds very good as is, and I would be extremely careful with added effects.

I’d love to hear how it sounds after! Good job there.

'til next time;
Tony W

Thanks for listening and for the tips, Tony.

Tico Tico is one of my faves. Excellent performance!!!


Very Nice Everything!

Thanks folks, glad you liked it. Don’t be afraid chip in suggestions though, this one’s going onto a CD and my mixing has to be as good as I can possibly get it before I take it to the studio for mastering.

Thanks for listening.

I had to listen carefully because I´m Brazilian and we´re a little bit “jellowsy” about our songs. Specially “Tico Tico no Fuba”.
But I´m very glad to say that it´s wonderful. Congratulations.

Beautiful! I can’t think of anything that I would change. Beautifully played!


Man, that brings back some memories from high school jazz band. Excellent!!!

This is awesome. Great performance on the guitar. The mix seems pretty crisp, probably wouldn’t need too much compression and post-efx. The bass is a little transparent, I’m one who likes mo’ bass, but it could easily muddy up the mix quickly on an arrangement like this. ¡¡Otherwise, muy bien señor!!

Thanks again all. Just in case anyone’s interseted, here’s the mastered version. I think it has a bit more impact:

Wow Great Performance…

It might sound cool with a bit more verb though…
It’s easy to overdo, but I’m thinking it could give this a bit more space and vibe :D