Need guidance...slow grind song...

This is an unusual piece for me, so I guess I’m looking for some guidance. This is a slow, laid-back funk tune.

Good, bad or ugly…please share your thoughts!

"All Night"

This is my first tune using both new hardware and a demo compression vst. Thanks in advance!

Anyone? :( If it sucks that bad, please don’t worry about hurting my feelings…really.
“That which can hurt us, only makes us stronger”…or something like that. :D

Just saw/heard it due to your bumping the post.

Juicy groove, that one… - maybe you should use a subwoofer on youor system when mixing this - on my average-to-inferior system (home PC) the bass sounds clear but very boomy. This may lead to listening fatigue when listening to it for a while.

Try to dig out some more midrange in the vocal tracks. I had a very hard time figuring out the words to the song. The vocals could benefit from being a bit more up-front in the mix. (hint: back down everything else a bit to avoid overloading).

Try removing some midrange from the guitars. This makes the words of the vocal easier to understand. move the guitars a bit up in level during the instrumental. Try using an effect of some sort (flanger? phaser? chorus? auto-wah?) on the guitars for a couple of beats to make what follows sort of ‘take off’ from the rest of the track.

You have got one h**l of a sweaty groove going in there - work a bit on making it ‘dance’ (mute all tracks but drums/bass/percussion while you sort this out). Try to decide the direction of the groove, and keep the levels dancing to that.

Try making the bass sound a bit more metallic and kicking. If you use a real bass (which I cannot discern from the track) you may need to change strings and re-record the part. Otherwise you could try to remove some lower midrange from it to make the tough, metallic character stand out more.

Good luck with remixing this!

regards, Nils

Thanks Nils K,

I’ll work on that a bit…I don’t have good monitors, so I’ve been struggling with the freq levels.

Yes, it’s a real bass…and have the blisters to proove it after 6 takes while using different preamp settings…ouch. :D

Given both, your mixing and production advise, I’d say that I’ll need to invest in some decent monitors. And putting some effects in there somewhere may be the trick/hook.

Thanks…I really appreciate the feedback!