need help breaking a choral performance into songs

Hi- I have a long performance in about a 55 minute .wav file that I would like to break into individual songs to put on a CD. This is my 2nd ntrack project, I am unsure how to proceed. Could someone help? Thanks, CG

If it were me. I’d

1. Import the file into Audacity (google it)
2. Copy and paste each section of the performance I want as a track. Here’s how it’s done.
a. Highlight the section you want
b. Copy (CTRL-C)
c. Click File New
d. Paste (CTRL-V)
3. Click File -> Export as WAV

Lastly, I’d bring it into n-Track to do any compression or touchup.

Good luck.

choirboy -

You can also do the same thing in n-track.

—Part 1—
1) highlight the region of the wav that corresponds to one song
2) choose the mixdown option
3) instead of using the “mixdown entire file”, choose the other option to mix down a section of the file. The values in the boxes correspond to the region of the wav that you just selected.
4) change the filename to something meaningful, instead of "new song_mixdown01.wav"
5) mix down the song to generate the wav file
6) do this for every regoin of the song that is supposed to correspond to a single song

—Part 2—
The other thing you can do is get a copy of Nero Burning Rom, or some other CD burner that allows you so set the song divisions in a wav file.

With Nero, it is possible to import a wav file and break it into CD tracks without any gap between them. This is great for a live performance, because the listener can either listen to all the tracks straight through without any gaps, OR he can use the track selecton st skip to the beginning of a certain song.

This is also a bit preferable, since there you don’t have to worry about breaking the 55min wav into smaller tracks.

Good luck!