Need help editing

Hello, i am new to n-track. I used to edit with cool edit pro. I need some help. I can’t figure out how to delete a part of the .wav i have recorded.(silence part arround 10 seconds at the end which makes the song longer) is there a way to just switch from the multitrack view to a single track view to edit the song? Thanks in advance.

Oh and another question, is there a way to open a .mp3 file without n-track changing it automatically into a .wav? Thanks!

In answer to your first question, if you mouse-over the little square box at the end of the track in question, you will find your cursor turns into a little left-and-right-arrow. Click and drag to the left, and the track will get shorter! In answer to your second question, no - n-track works with .wav files only, but it’s good that it can import other types!

Thank you :) I will try this.

Alright it worked thanks alot. But now i have some other questions please. How to do it at the beggining? And how to cut a part in the middle of the track? Example: If i recorded two persons during speech talking and there is 1 minute to cut between the two speechs :) Thanks in advance

To move a track to the left you will need to shorten the track by dragging the little box to the left. The you can move the track to the left by dragging the cross icon at the lower part of the track. You can delete a section anywhere on the track by highlighting the section ( click + drag) and the Edit menu to delete /cut/ copy etc. Including the option to Cut and Move left to fill the gap. Be aware if you want to copy a section, you will need to move to another track first or it will just paste on top of what you wanted to cut.

Ok thanks alot :) I will try this.