need help removing and reinstalling nTrack 4.02

I was running nTrack 4.02 with no problems on my Windows ME PC. Unfortunately, I tried to download the free SampleTank 2 VST program which was only supposed to be used on Windows XP. This totally messed up my configuration, especially VSTscan and causing nTrack to shut down. So, I deleted all the SampleTank stuff and uninstalled nTrack, in order to reinstall it and get back to normal.

But, now nTrack will not reinstall, stating that a previous version is recognized on my system and that I must remove the previous version first. I am not able to remove nTrack Studio 4 from “Add/Remove Programs” in the Control Panel. It states that it cannot find “ntrck0setup.msi” in the c:\Windows\Temp folder (even if I browse to that folder, it says the .msi file is invalid). I need to remove nTrack Studio 4 in order to reinstall it. I can install and remove nTrack 3.3 without difficulty, but this still doesn’t help me to reinstall nTrack 4.02, which I have paid for and would like to use.

Can anyone suggest anything to do? I have a feeling that running Windows ME is part of the problem, but I could be wrong. Should I ask Flavio?


The n-Tracks setup automatically uninstalls the previous version. You shouldn’t have to, but if n-Tracks setup fails because this uninstall fails then you may have to manually clean out some things.

Look for the n-Track entry in the registry, and delete the whole n-Track folder. It should have all the n-Track settings in it. If there is nothing there then it’s probably the wrong key or there is something else causing you problem. It’s probably under HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/n-Track, but might be different on you machine.

Then look for {b}HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Uninstall/n-Track Studio and nuke that one. That will get rid of its entry in the control panel. What this points to is probably messed up. As with the other key the path to this may different on your machine.

After this delete the whole C:\Program Files\FASoft
-Track Studio 4
folder. Copy out anything you want to keep, like waves, songs or effects that may be in there. If any dx plug-ins were installed there you’ll probably have to reinstall them, or you could delete just the n-Tracks files if you know for sure the files left are not n-Track’s.

Be very careful when messing in the registry. Don’t touch and other keys except the ones I mentioned. Since you setup is already hosed you won’t make it worse by deleting those keys, but any other keys accidentally taken out might hose other apps or even Windows.

The keys I mentioned are for WinXp. That’s why I have a feeling yours will be different. If you are unsure post just the path to them here so we can double check. Don’t post the keys or the values, as the values of two keys are your registration keys, and they are not encrypted. Definitely don’t want those made public.

Thanks for the response. I will try it and get back with you. Thanks again.