Editing has been a chore for me so far with N-Track. Let’s say I want to copy the drums from the second chorus of a song (7 total tracks) and paste it where the first chorus is. How would I do this? Can you only edit one track at a time or can I copy and paste all 7 at once? Also, when I copy an area and then try to paste, it pastes it onto a new track that it creates, not the track I’m editing. What’s the deal? I’ve had even worse luck using an external editor (Audacity) because I don’t have a reference track to match it up with…Like say I missed a bass note and want to copy and paste it to line up with the corresponding kick drum…it can’t be done in Audacity from what I can tell. The only thing I’ve found that works is to clone the track, cut the part of the original track I want to replace, then insert the “copied” part from the other track and move it up into the original with the 4 arrow icon that lets you move tracks around. There has got to be an easier way and the instrucitons are of no use. N-Track is awesome if only I could do some serious editing. Thanks!

Cut-and-paste editing in n-Track is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. First of all I highly recommend getting used to using the “snap-to-grid” feature and setting your bpm properly. It makes lining things up much easier while editing.

I suspect there is one thing that you are not doing which is causing the problem. You are not selecting a region to paste into. Let me explain:

Say you have a pretty good take on the bass but you blew one sequence in the 1st verse. You could select (by clicking and dragging the mouse) the same sequence in the 2nd verse and copy it (ctrl-c). Now if you were to click where you want to paste it and then do the paste you’ll find it’s gone into a new track. What you need to do instead is to click the mouse where you want to put it and then DRAG TO SELECT A TARGET REGION. Then do the paste and it will go where you want it to. Chances are the copy in the clipboard may not be the same length as the target region you’ve selected; n-Track will use the shorter of the two.

Yes, I agree that’s it’s a little counter-intuitive to paste into a new track if you haven’t selected a target region but once you get used to it it’s a useful feature.


Oh, I almost forgot. You CAN edit all 7 (or however many) tracks at once.

For example: if you want to replace the 2nd measure of the 2nd verse with the same measure of the 1st verse on ALL tracks do the following:

1. In any track click and drag to select the measure to be copied. While still holding down the mouse now drag it down or up to another track and n-Track will now extend the selection to ALL tracks. Then do copy (ctrl-c).

2. Now navigate to the measure you want to replace. Remember you have to select a region so clcik and drag to select the target measure and while still holding down the mouse drag it up or down to a different track to select ALL tracks. Then do the paste (ctrl-v).

However, you can’t edit, say, 3 of your 7 tracks at the same time. You can either edit one track at a time or ALL tracks.

Another tip: To move more than one wave file at a time, selecting them by clicking and dragging doesn’t work! You have to select them by clicking all the waves you want to move while holding down the shift key. Weird ain’t it?



I also tried to copy and paste a portion (all tracks) of a song. It only worked when I did it within the same song, but when I tried to copy it to a NEW (page) song it only pasted 1 track and not ALL.