Need help

Track problem

Hey i was whenever i use N-Track say i just put 1 track in i record a tune to it but when i finish, the track i was recording in has nothing in it but 2 more tracks show up and have it in there. Just wondering if this is normal and if i not how to fix it thanx.? ???

What you should do is click the red button in the record VU’s and select what channels you want to record from and set them to record to a new track. Then you won’t need insert a blank audio track into the timeline, you just click the record button and record. Once done the track or tracks will appear in relation to the way you selected the options in the record VU’s.
You can insert tracks and select what channel to record from via the track itself, but you still need to make adjustments to the record VU’s red button, depending on how you’ve selected your I/O channels and whether you are set to record “Stereo > two mono tracks”. Meaning … If you’ve enabled all of your inputs and set n-Track to record “Stereo > two mono tracks”, when you hit record … n-Track will attempt to record from all inputs that are enabled, unless you’ve disabled recording from those channels via the red button in the record VU’s.
So, say you just want to record one mono track. Click the red button in the record VU … Set the channel/channels you don’t wish to use to “Don’t record from this channel” and set the channel you do want to use to “Record to a new track” or if you’ve inserted a track set it to record that channel to that track.
If it’s a stereo source that you are recording then you will either need to use two mono tracks or click the hammer in the record VU’s and set the stereo pair to record a stereo track.

Hope this helps some.