Need more track volume

with Audigy

I just got a new Audigy sound card with my new computer. I’m in 16 bit. It’s been fine except for recording volume. I usually just plug my guitar into the “line in” jack and add EQ and effects later. Unfortunately the recording meters aren’t getting up there very far. I have all the slide pots on the mixer up all the way. The result is not a very big/wide wave file (vertically). Any ideas?
Thanks very much.

Pre-amp the signal from your guitar. Chances are that the input impedence of the sound card is pretty high. You’ll need something with a tad more 'umph. Do you have an amp with a direct/pre-amp out?

If not - try a mic preamp. Even a mixer with pre’s would do it.


Thanks to you both for the advice. I’ll take any more from whoever can offer.
Interestingly, I used to use the same recording technique with the Creative Labs 64 (I think that is the name), and I was able to get a strong enough signal. Too bad they couldn’t put the same ability into the Audigy.

When you say you have all the sliders up on the mixer, which mixer are you speaking of? Windows mixer or Creative Surround Mixer? Make sure on either that your LINE IN strip is visible on your mixer…and that your recording slider is set for "Analog Mix (LIne/CD/Aux/TAD/PC)