need new recording card!!

need to return DSP2000 C-port… :frowning:

Hey everyone!
Well I definitely have not been around for a while!! But it’s good to be back.

A while back, I traded my Behringer board for a STaudio DSP2000 C-port. Now the guy I traded with needs his C-port back, and I get my board back… but now I have no sound card!! and my built-in audio doesn’t cut the cake for me…

I need a new card!! What I am looking for is…
1) LOW PRICE, but still good quality (always the difficulty, eh?). I’m probably looking at $250 US max. I’m poor.
2) preferably 24bit/96K (most of them do this anyways these days)
3) HOPING for a rackmount breakout box - or something I can upgrade to a rackmount breakout later on.
4) also hoping for six to eight 1/4" TRS inputs - if not that, four will do… but I’d really prefer the inputs
5) MIDI input - but doesn’t everything have that?

sooo… ya, something really basic will do the job for me - 8 inputs, good quality, and that’s it.

Thanks for any leads!!

In that price range and for what you are asking for, the M-Audio Delta 1010LT would fit the bill. HERE it is at MusiciansFiend. Cheaper on EvilBay.

8 Analog IN and 8 analog OUT 1 Stereo S/PDIF digital I/O. The analog I/O is unbalanced though…no biggie if you keep your cabling short and are careful where you route them.


OK, OK sounds good - only thing i don’t like are the RCA ins… aren’t 1/4" better? I’ll have to get adapter cables for all that…

Does anybody use the Terratec Phase 88? Is that good?
not the rack mount unit, but the other breakout box unit…

or any other ideas?

Thanks again!