Need some opinions and help

Live 50’s rockers

Just gotten around to finishing on a job I did back in april, and some of it gonna have to be done again, I think.

These were recorded with my Herc 16/12FW WDM drivers when I was still getting to know the required buffer settings, so theres a few artifacts in some of the tracks, but not all. Four sets of varing length, about 20 minutes min, of an annual jam session for the 50’s style rock and rollers who rock up at a 50’s hotrod and music festival.

All very accommodating blokes, and some might remember the nightmare I had last year using a borrowed MOUTI 828mkII…

Recorded 24/44 in a very large hall, most tracks going into a berry 2442-fx pro.

Overhead - single NT1, picking up quite a bit of everything else, through an alto comp/limiter channel
Kick - ATM25, also through the comp.
Bass - Berry Ultra-GI, probably into the pre of the Herc.
Guitars - sm57, some other dynamic… might have been a sampson or ATpro6L
Vocals - 58, about 4 vocal mics going to a desk, from a single group to my desk via the alto… nearly a complete mix on this track.
Keys - direct out. Had to change a cable somewhere along the way as one was playing up flat out.

Anyway, I’m having trouble with a couple of things, especially when the keys are in, and my Yorkvilles have such a defined bass that it often doesn’t translate on other systems (such as my 5.1 home theatre) - the bass guitar in particular dissappears…

Funny how you can do a great mix one day, and find that it sucks the next. This is an example of that (although some Ozone fixed it a bit):

High School Hop

This one is better, and has no keys…

Pretty Baby

The only effect in mixing I used was Kjerhaus classic compressor on vocals, bass, sometimes keys and one of the guitars, the classic limiter on the master channel (set at -.01 just to stop random overs). The FaSoft comp/gate was used on the kick (and might be half my prob).

Ozone mastering, bit of all the effects, mainly stereo widening and exciting on the treble, some eq, reverb (not much!), and limiting,. Theres some multiband comp on the low mids on the first posted song.

Any opinions would be great.



Don’t be too hard on yerself Willy, doesn’t sound bad to me!


High School Hop:
Stereo image is too wide for my taste.
Guitar is too prominent. (what amp/echo/reverb is that guy using? tell me so I can avoid buying it :slight_smile: )

Pretty Baby:
Bass & Kick seem to be fighting for space.

Sounds ok on headphones.


Nice willy!!! :)
On “pretty baby” how about a little more low end on the bass. I can hear enough definition and tightness. Maybe a slight boost between 80-90hz on the bass so it sounds a little tighter with the kick. Other than that they really sound great.

Thanks for taking the time guys.


what amp/echo/reverb is that guy using? tell me so I can avoid buying it :slight_smile:

Actually I can’t remember. I suspect a peavey of some sort on the right, but all those guys use bugger all dirt, and heaps of slapback/amp reverb.

Listening through the headphones I can can hear what you mean about the guitar being too prominent. There is one on the left too, believe it or not (High School Hop)

Stereo image is too wide for my taste.

Fair enough, vocals, kick, drums and bass are center, with the guitars out at +/- 85. Keys about -40 or so. I was looking for the “Live experience” panning!


Sounds pretty good. Ever hear Neil’s “Everybody’s Rockin”?

Put some slapback delay on the vocals. Put a little compressoin on the bass - you should be able to hear those progressions. Also, I think the snare needs to be hotter.

The guitars are great too.

PS - if you’d let me try mixing Pretty Baby, I could use my new PSP Lexicon Digital delay delay & compressors on the tracks. :D


Put a little compressoin on the bass - you should be able to hear those progressions. Also, I think the snare needs to be hotter.

Yeah, like I said, it’s probably not translating real well. I think I have to calibrate my ears (there’s compression on the bass, fairly subtle though) and the snare is part of the OH track - only on mike there. Maybe some eq will bring it out more.