Need soundcard help


My Delta 24/96 has bit the dust! (I think, only one channel seems to be operating)
I am now in the market for something new.
I don’t mind if it is only a 16 bit. I could never tell the difference with the Delta anyway.
I’ve heard about Firewire or an USB connectable soundcard. Is there anything such?
Of course the computer already has a soundblaster card in it and if I could figure out how to connect a pre-amp to it I would just go that route.

Anyone willing to share their info?

Thank you

What type of soundblaster is it ?

You could make up (or buy) a ‘Y’ lead that is stereo mini jack on the one side and whatever fits your preamp on the other side.

Mini stereo jack into the Line In on the soundblaster (never use the mic in) and then the other side into the preamp(s).

You don’t need multi-inputs ?
If you want 24 bit on a budget you could go Sounblaster Live Value (newer ones) or audigy value.

You also get USB (or firewire) external cards, but I have no experience with them.

Good luck !


hava a look at the M Audio control panel that controls the 24/96, sometimes a channel can get muted if you allow other programs to interfere with the 24/96s settings (there should be a tick box to stop that happening) -

have had this with my Delta 4/10 and have cured many a dead 24/96 this way -

i have an Audigy NX2 USB very good unit for all but the most critical recording work - and it has an inbuilt soundfont player -

Dr J