Need to split up wav file

Need to split up wav file

I have a very simple task to do but I can’t figure it out in nTrack.

I am recording wav files of vinyl albums. I create a single file of the whole album, but want to use n to split that file into it’s individual songs as separate wav or mp3 files.

How do I do this?

I’ve used the splice command, but can’t figure out how to get my splices to be individual files.

It’s gotta be something stupid but I looked at the n manual and wasn’t able to figure it out.

Use the splice, then drag the spliced to an open track (create a blank track if haven’t done so already) and move it to the start then mix in down. You’ll be given the option when you mix down to select all tracks or just the track you want. So select the track you spliced and moved and mix it down to a file.

Hope that helps,



Thanks Paco. I was hoping there was a way to just put a marker on the single wav form in the places where the tracks begin and just split them in another dialog, but I guess it isn’t that simple.

However, your advice has helped me but now I have a new problem.

The edits are loud as hell, a noticeable pop between tracks where I’ve spliced. I’ve messed with the 0 crossing settings but that hasn’t helped.

I should state that I’ve tried a few different products and they all seem to have this problem.

I don’t want to do a fade up as my goal is to just edit the recording (pops, clicks and all) to separate into individual tracks so a fade up won’t work with songs that don’t have a quiet transition.

Another way: you can highlight/mark each section by dragging the across the section you want separated as an individual file. Then go to the Mixdown menu, name a new file with the song Name you wish, and chose “More Options.” Then under "Interval to Mixdown chose “From” (the start and end will match to the area you highlighted).
The Mixdown will create a new file with just the area you highlighted

Thanks Bax, More than one way to do it. Dealers choice. :cool: