Need your vote

Could you be so kind as to pop over yonder and vote for The Slang? Pretty please?

Love you long time!

Done :agree: Your in the lead Bubba!

'tis done.

Sloppy kisses for you all!


We prefer the term skank.

We don’t :laugh:

The Slang will Rule the…poll… :laugh: I did have some difficulty not voting for the Therapussy band, however.


So what I am voting for again?

Bubba for president? Was that it?




When can I expect to get my TWO - FOUR 24 of Moosehead… ????


got one vote here, :agree:

I would have liked to hear the vamping you guys are doing around 3:25 ~ 3:40 during the second part of the second chorus…but that’s just me, one generic opinion among billions.
that may have taken away from the climax of the end tho.


Heh, well, too late now. The song it like 4 years old at this point. I have no idea how they got a hold of it or chose that one in particular. But thankee kindly all you sexy beasts… cough

Quote: (Bubbagump @ Jul. 07 2011, 2:39 PM)

... *cough*

can't swallow the feathers, eh? ;-)

I ain’t voting fer yuz… I’m still waiting for the acapella version of “Bugle Boy from Company B” you promised me…


Hey hun, hope I wasn’t too late voting…it still appeared to accept my vote! Good luck xx

Hey… aren’t you supposed to be dropping a load? :)


Quote: (Kaizen Wang @ Jul. 11 2011, 9:48 PM)

Hey... aren't you supposed to be dropping a load?


:) tell that to baby Luke! i've tried everything and the little bugger's not moving! :angry: