Neil's tone on Mr. Disappointment

is to die for…

There’s this Neil Young song on “Are You Passionate” called Mr. Disappointment. The first time I heard it, I was blown away by the tone he was getting, plus it’s got a nice, lyrical lead part that the center of the song.

I figured it out last night. He’s using the rhythm (P-90) pickup on his '53 Les Paul. I can get almost the same tone w/ my '56 Epiphone re-issue through my '66 DR. Man - I’m in tone heaven.

The band has got to learn this song fast!

BTW - “Are You Passionate” is a different kind of Neil album because it has Brooker T & the MG’s as the backup band. All the songs that Neil wrote for the album are in the style that fit the band.

Mr Soul