Neil Young for hire

Man, am I gonna have fun…

I’ve been asked to sit in for the real “Neil” (or should I say the real Neil impersonator) at the 4 Way Street’s, a CSN&Y tribute band, spring gig in NV - see 4 Way Street.

We’re going to do 6 nights at a casino in March. I’ve some work to do between now & then. Please wish me luck!!!

2nd Neil impersonator

Go get 'em Mike!

Neil Young ain’t exactly my bag…but hey different strokes eh?

Good luck! Don’t have too much free booze in the casinos…


So…you are going to impersonate an impersonator? :D

I think Mr Soul AKA Mr Charlie AKA AFKAMT AKA MidnightToker AKA Neil Young Impersonator…should have NO problem! :p :p :p

Break a leg Mike! (Not literally…)


Mike, one ?, are you going to dye your hair or wear a wig?

Best of luck Mike, enjoy yourself. :)

But, off the point a wee bit.

Remember the Neil Young “Unplugged” set on MTV.

What was that keyboard instrument he played? A harmonium or something?

Well, whatever it was, it sounded dam good.

Anyway, good luck again Mike.

Ali are going to impersonate an impersonator?
You got that right - they'll always be comparing me to their original Neil (you know the impersonator guy :-)

Yes - I'm actually thinking about dying my hair black, losing some weight, getting a beat up hat & buying an Epiphone '56 Les Paul for this gig. If I'm going to be Neil for a week, I might as well go all the way - right. No one knows me where I'm doing the gig also. H*ll - even the band doesn't know me :laugh:

Remember the Neil Young "Unplugged" set on MTV
I sure do. It was probably some old pump organ or something. Anyways, I thought it sounded pretty funky myself.

The real "Mr Soul"

I dunno about the hair, losing weight is a good idea, but the 56 paul is a really good idea… :)

I would go all out Mike. Sounds really cool!
I would love to do something like that, but with my luck, it would be an ABBA tribute band, Geeeeeeezzzzzz

Update - rehearses with the 4 Way Street band on Sunday. Man - they’re real pro’s. They had the vocal parts they wanted me to sing all worked out. I’ve got to do 10 Neil songs & some other easy keyboard, harmonica stuff. They’ve got a guitarist who does most of the leads, so the whole gig won’t be too bad at all. I’m really looking forward to it.

Mr Soul