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Ten hours, 28 minutes.


Ten hours, 28 minutes that changed lives, careers and the course of music history.

What was it?


Too easy. Never heard of Google?


Chihuahua kicked off its Eighth Annual International Festival of Adventure Tourism with a 100 kilometer ultra-marathon through the state’s scenic Copper Canyon. This year’s race had 40 entrants and was won by Arnulfo Químare, a 24 year old man from the region’s Tarahumara indigenous group. Other competitors came from various parts of Mexico and other nations. More than 3,000 people gathered to watch the race, according to an article in the Chihuahua City newspaper El Heraldo de Chihuahua.

The race went through the Sinforosa which many people consider to be the region’s most breathtaking canyon. Químare won the approximately 60 mile race in a time of nine hours, 34 minutes, 46 seconds. This year marked Químare’s third consecutive victory and won him 12,000 pesos (approximately US$1,090). Silvino Cubezari finished second with a time of ten hours, 28 minutes and 20 seconds. He won 7,500 pesos.

I think 7,500 pesos (about 2 bits) is enough to change the course of the whole of Mexican history.

Whats my prize?

Congratulations Ted! The perfect answer!

And don’t let the fact that it’s wrong discourage you! :D

BTW, what’s a “bit”? a hemi-demi-nibble? ???

Two bits = 25 cents.


Hi again TG :)

So, I assume 1 bit is twelve and a half cents?

Is that a coin, or is it obsolete? I certainly don’t recall a 12 and a 1/2 cent piece. ???

TWO BITS Explained Google is awesome. I knew it already as I’ve heard that all my life and one day said… “Pop? What the heck does that mean?” :D


Ok, just looked it up, and it’s fascinating. (Well, if you’re fighting sleep in the early hours of the morning it is anyway! LOL).

It seems it goes back to an old Spanish coin, back when you were all still living in wigwams and hadn’t invented Taco Bell yet. :D

“Arrr Jim lad! Pieces of eight!” and all that other pirate stuff.

It seems that Spanish gold coin was indeed often split into 8 pieces, or bits, and hence, “2 bits” equals a quarter. :)

Anyway, stretch your brain, what was the 10’28" about? :D

Snap! lol

Well… I DUNNO??? Give it up man! :D


Tim! For me, and other old farts of my generation, this was the most important 10’28" ever! :D

It brought down a government, it caused the election of another one (ok, to be honest, I still can’t tell the difference between them :().

It changed the whole of British culture, the whole of British society! And, it had no small influence on the USA and the rest of the world too. Brian Wilson said it changed his life. Forty of those minutes caused him to burn his masterpiece Beachboys tape. (Mind you, around about that time, he also claimed he was a coffee-pot. :( )

(oops, given away a clue there :( )




It brought down a government, it caused the election of another one (ok, to be honest, I still can’t tell the difference between them

Well, then it wasn’t some John Cage piece…or maybe it was?

Long shot: The length of the session when the Beatles recorded their first album with Sir George Martin (Final song Twist & Shout) ?

The Beatles first album?

I thought it was a bit later than that… when did Brian Wilson have his wobble… early 70’s on onwards?

As for bringing down governments, I’m assuiming that Ali is referring to British govenments. There were two general elections in 1974, both won by the Labour party (previously there was a Conservative government since '66(?) ). Perhaps it’s a red herring but Ali’s comments suggested that it was a change of leadership.

Then was it 1979 when Margaret Thatcher won as Conservative leader…

So either just before 1974 or 1979 is my guess. But what? I dunno!

Come on Ali - more clues…


Brian Wilson said he burned the tapes because his song “Fire” from the “Smile” sessions caused a series of fires in LA at the time.

I don’t know what 10:28 has to do with that, though. The “Fire” incident would have been in 1966 (I think). That would be prior to the “Smile” official release datem that came and went without it being released.

Still pondering…

Here’s an off the wall guess: Was the average length of an LSD trip?


I concur with Mr. Soul. It was the recording of the first Beatles album. All done in live performance, in the studio, on a 2 track machine. The last song recorded was “Twist and Shout”, which they did twice. The knew after more than 2 takes Lennon’s voice would be useless because of how hard he pushes on that song. They ended up using the first take. One take, no overdubs, pure energy!

Pretty incredible when you think that the song that pretty much totally captures the early Beatles was first, a cover, and secondly was a captured moment in time.



Eight years, 2,792 pages

No more clues :cool:


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