.NET effects on computer

things are different after adding .NET

Now that I have installed .NET 2.0, I all of a sudden have a logon screen when XP starts up. Also the ‘shut down’ choices have taken on a new look. I like the old way better, did .Net do this?? TIA Jon


Yes it did.
I don’t know of a way to change it, sorry.


IIRC .net adds another account to the PC hence the login screen. You can bypass it - I’ve done it - I just can’t remember how at the moment - sorry!


I think you can delete that account by going to the control panel and selecting “User Accounts”.


Yeah, happened when I installed .NET also. On a reinstall of XP, I never reinstalled .NET just to avoid this (I’m using v3.3). Did get some advice here, though:


As I recall, I used both methods, or a combination. Hate when MS does stuff like that.

Thanks to all who replied. Using the suggestions, I basically ran “control userpasswords2” and un-checked the necessary box on that screen. Looks and works like it used to. Thanks. :) :)