net transfer

Hi , I have downloaded from a friened a wav file from his N´track to my n-track using the “net transfer” option.

I selected “no compression” in order to don´t loose sound quality.

The question is that althought in “no compresion” mode, the incoming files were “.ogg” format , and listening they , I can hear less quality in high frecuencs.

Do you know if WAV sent “via net transfer” no compressed , loose any quality?


a wav with no compression shouldn’t lose anything, it will however be very large.

I’ve never used the net transfer. I’ve always transferred the file manually (email if it’s small or stick on a file server/ftp site if it’s big).

You should get no loss of quality if there is no lossy compression.

In the net transfer mode does the “sender” dictate the compression rate?

Right, selecting “no compression” , the tracks doesnt loose any quality. The problem was my mate. He didnt select “no compression” so the were completely compressed . they lost hight frec. (similar to a 96 khz mp3)

thnx for your help.