NetBroadcast - what is it?

How did it get on my computer?

When I log off the computer I get a message that says the computer is closing "NetBroadcast.ev " and then the rest is cut off AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT IS?
I have looked in the taskmanager and it is not shown as a running application. Norton, Spybot, Adware do not find it. A search does not find names anything that I can recognize as the file.
Anyone got any help on this?

May be spyware. The full name is “NetBroadcast.event”

There’s some replies and possible solutions on the subject at this link:…hreaded

I have checked as many sites as I can find and no one seems to have an indication of what this is.
I cantaced Symantec and the chat-fellow says it is a spyware that has changed the registry so that anti-virus/anti spyware can’t find it.
Symantec will fix it for $39.95. What a Wonderful Deal Notron Is! Really pisses me off.
If anyonw has any help on this, please let me know as the reformating of my drive looks to be the answer - followed by changing a @#$load of passwords.

Are you running ATI Catalyst Drivers? Seems to be an issue with them.

Anyway - here’s a Microsoft link that apparently deals with the problem…lang=en

Hi Bax3:
I wonder if you look in your Startup Folder if there might be some clue in there for it… And if you do a System restore if that might get you back and out of the issue… ? Do you think that might help?


slight problem there Bill -

unfortunately you cannot trust that option to work as many viruses and spyware install a copy of themselves in system restore and will auto start again no matter what you do -

in fact many in the know say that system restore should be permantly switched off due to this problem -

Dr J

Hi Doc:
I remember… If you have the XP Desk streamlined for music applications, that is one of the features that should be turned off… I think I have that turned off on the studio DAWs/XP Desks… I don’t have that feature turned off on this P-111 computer, though… I am on line with this one… I’d have to say… I’ve been quite lucky over the past while… I guess I should knock-on-wood, now… ??? ???


i have it activated on my Win ME PC, but that one no longer talks to the internet so it is safe - everything else has it switched off, never (touch wood) had reason to use it since i moved to Win 2K - will NEVER use XP on any PC that i own - win 2K is a far better OS than XP and will stick with it untill M$oft no longer support it, by then Vista (or whatever) should be cheap enough to upgrade to -

Dr J