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I’m new to n-track, got my hands on it a couple of months ago. Must say that I’m impressed by its features, suits my needs perfectly. I’m finishing up on some recent made songs, and though it would be a great idea to publish them here.
You’ll find a couple of new and old songs here:
Tender is the latest work, recorded using N-track 4.1.2 beta

Take care,
Rune H

Hi Rune,

Some nice acoustic pieces. Listened to Tender, Spring and Jazzjam ( made me smile for some reason ). All nicely played and recorded. You have any vocal pieces also?
Welcome to n-Track!!


My music page


Welcome to the Forum Rune.

Tender: Lovely piece, I was left wanting more. I thought the melody was a little low in the mix, I would have liked it a little louder.

Jazzjam: A great pice of nonsense :D I loved it.

Spring: If this is what Spring is like in Norway then I would like to be there :) I liked the tune and the recording, very smooth but I hated the stereo placement. The mandolin in particular. I’d like to hear this with some drums.

Media player would not play Glow it said something about an unsupported format, sorry.

If this is what you can do after a couple of months with N-Track, I can’t wait until you have had some more experience. Great stuff!


Is that a Variax I hear?


I’m not totally unexperienced when it comes to recording tough. Started out with a Tascam Portastudio several years ago and moved on to Cubasis and Cakewalk. Didnt put too much time at it back then. Still got a lot to learn when it comes to mixing and to handle all the possibilities with these sequencers.

Just listened to your stuff Ian, great selection of songs and very nice recordings. Really enjoyed the U2 and the Carpenters covers.

Steve, it not a Variax. I mainly record with a Furch SR22 (fishman tranducer and preamp) and a japanese Squier Stratocaster. I’m recording through the onboard Soundmax AD1985 soundcard at the moment. Hope to afford a ESI Juli@ in the near future.


Quote (rune_svg @ Aug. 30 2005,18:31)
Just listened to your stuff Ian, great selection of songs and very nice recordings. Really enjoyed the U2 and the Carpenters covers.

Thanks Rune,

Had great fun doing the U2 cover, and the Filipino ending always causes some amusement when I jump up on stage and sing it with some of the local Filipino Bands.
Roshelle sings the Carpenters beautifully although she has a slight problem with pronunciation (She's a Filipina).
I had the same problem as Steve with Glow, media player would not play it. Shame, because the other stuff is beautiful. Would love to hear more!!

P.S. Most of the current music I listen to is from Scandinavia. Seems to be the home of "Rock" nowadays :)


I downloaded “Glow” and managed to get it to play in Winamp.
Beautiful stuff.
I thought you Norwegians were all Beer & Rock music :D


Quote (Beefy Steve @ Aug. 31 2005,16:48)
I thought you Norwegians were all Beer & Rock music :D

Hey, we are ! Uhmmm, I think…

Keyboard upside down section:
Rune, skal sjekke greiene dine senere. Godt å se en nordmann her igjen, lenge siden sist :)

this is close to beer music :wink:

Terje: hyggeleg :) Du er vel en gammel ringrev på n-track?

Rune, just spent some time with your tunes. Glow & Tender are really beautiful pieces :)

Random technical impressions:
* Glow suffers from some timing mishaps (didn’t think of using a click track ?).
Before you get PO’ed I’ll hasten to add that Tender & Glow has much better timing
* Reverb on Tender is too big for my (highly personal) tastes and gives me that ‘preset’ feel.
Glow, on the other hand, could benefit from more size.
* EQ-wise the guitars sound slightly thin on Tender.
Some more low mids (don’t go overboard here) on the chords (panned leftish) wouldn’t go amiss.
You might want to experiment with going for a fat, wide stereo sound on the ‘rhythm guitar’,
then placing the lead on top of it, occupying the center of the soundstage.
* I’d really like to hear that Furch through a decent mic setup instead of the Fishman.

Oh, and being a heavy handed rocker, I wish I could play an acoustic that cleanly :)

Neither here nor there dept:
Gammel ? Yep. Ringrev ? Nix. Amatørhobbyfritidsjuksemaker er nok mer dekkende :)

I really liked "Spring!"

My only complaint is that it is too short. I would like to hear it stretched out to 3:00 or more. It’s one of those tunes that you hate to hear end. Very nice guitar work. It keeps you listening.

Thanks for sharing.


PS: I just listened to “Tender” and that’s another beauty. Thank you.

Just another amatørhobbyfritidsjuksemaker, I think! With a Norsk wife (one generation removed).

Thanks for informative feedback:)

I’ve already started to re-arrange some songs along with recording new songs. Got a lot of work to do.



Be sure and give us the chance to have a listen Rune.
You make good music.