New Age Music


OK, I wrote a new age Music is Dead Lament, and posted it. Three sections, the first is done with a “roll your own” synth I made with the version of synthmaker that came with the latest CM magazine. The second section is the GSO chromatic harp, the third a bunch of GSO cellos, the harp, and the roll-your-own synth. 8 mins long more or less.

Music is Dead Lament

Very nice Tom.
Spaced out here now, was gonna lay down some tracks today, now I may have to re-grow my hair long! :cool:

But, really, doesn’t it convince you that music as an art form is dead? Doesn’t it just?



Well, I was hoping that the three parts would segue into “My Woman From Tokyo”… then I would believe that music was dead. :D

There was an editorial a few years ago arguing that music had become so ubiquitous in the culture (via Muzak, the radio, etc) that it had lost its emotional and intellectual impact. One can imagine the experience of hearing an orchestral piece performed in the 18th century, before recordings made the “sound” of an orchestra commonplace. We’ve obviously lost the ability to experience that novelty.

I’ve found it hard to imagine what music must have sounded like to folks in the past, an intense enough experience that, e.g., a fight would break out over a Stravinski premiere. What would do that today? (I still have this image in mind from the nightly news with Dan Rather from about 1977 shen he reported on the Sex Pistols, and now look how tame that all seems…)

If you say nothing, then I say: music is dead!