New Build - 1764

More goodies and bug fixes

Aux Channel Freeze (!!)
Aux Channels Properties Dialogue
Shaded Channel Name/Properties button
Fixed disappearing CPU indicator


Just had a quick look - the ability to give an Aux channel a name is pretty cool - could have done with that on many occasions.

I think I spotted a small bug - if you pull up the properties for the Aux and change a few things, then click on the “Effects” button, you get the effects dialogue and your other changes to the properties are lost. I’ll try to repro that later.


Yep, I can repro it.

Minor problem but I’ve reported it anyway.

(It’s cool having a thread all to yourself. It seems I make the most sense when I’m having a conversation with myself).


At 14.00 14/02/2005, you wrote:
>If you click on the Properties for an Aux and change a few things (ie name
>and colour), then click on the "Effects" button, the Aux Properties
>dialogue disappears and the Effects Dialogue appears - thus losing the
>changes to the properties. Not a major issue but I thought I'd report it

The problem should be fixed in build 1765.

Thanks for the feedback.

Best regards,
Flavio Antonioli.


that was a quick response.

Hi Mark:
Nice thread… I always knew you were way ahead of them North Americans… :p

Give 'em a tin can with a string attached to it, and their happy… :O :laugh:

But, I’d like to see Flavio work on improving the appearance/look of the group/global mixers…


It’s not the appearence of the mixer, it’s grouping /removing the the group mixer strips from the main mixer…

Bill, you ended the monologue! :)

And what’s wrong with my tin and string can? They’re vintage! :D

You can tell it’s monday!!///


This is as vintage as you can get it… Red Green and 3-M would be proud… :p

Hey Bill,

I enjoyed looking round your site. I guess I’m a sad techy geek but I like looking at pictures of other folks studios.

I’m really enjoying using V4.04. When it came out I felt (and sensed from others) a little disappointed that there wasn’t much in it, but now I’m glad I updated. There are some significant enchancements.

I really like the ability to name the Aux channels. A while back I was doing a big mixing project (20 tracks) and it was quite easy to lose track of which Aux was the reverb for the drums and which one for the vocals etc. This new feature is very simple, but greatly enhances usability.

I haven’t tried the Freeze on the Aux channel yet but that looks useful too.

At the weekend I had a quick look at the Effects organiser that has been around for a while. That is going to be very handy (I have 5 years worth of effects!) although I do need to have a closer look at why some “Favourites” seem to be created automatically whereas others don’t.

I also used the built-in Multi-band compressor for the first time. It’s nice to have the choice of plugins, but it’s also handy to know that there is a built-in/bundled one there if I need one.


Hi Mark:
Thanks for the reply…

I’m beginning to fall behind in the n-Track Versions and new builds. I think I have to up-grade the DAW’s I have and get into P-4’s and XP, and all…

I think, the longer you don’t stay “Current”, the harder it’ll be to get back on the pace… I’ve been “Wanna-be Spec’ing” this P-4 for over a year now… I think it’s time I get a move-on and do it… Well…

I’m just about out of space on that page. Now I need to get a “Real” place, with no banners, and all… It just don’t seem to wanna stop… :O


I'm just about out of space on that page. Now I need to get a "Real" place, with no banners, and all..

Real webspace isn't all that expensive now. I can't recall exactly but the UK company I use is about £20 ($50) a year for 100Mb.

You have to get familar with FTP and a bit of HTML but it's pretty handy to have some space out there.

I thought you had a Collaboration Central account. You could use that.

I think, the longer you don't stay "Current", the harder it'll be to get back on the pace.. I've been "Wanna-be Spec'ing" this P-4 for over a year now.. I think it's time I get a move-on and do it.. Well..

I upgraded the hardware in my DAW last year. I went for a middle of the road m/board and Celeron combination because whatever I bought, it was going to be hugely faster than my old machine. I stuck with Intel 'cos "Noboby ever got fired for buying IBM". I did however put a Serial ATA drive in it.

Last week I upgraded to Win XP, (from 98) and thought it was time to give the new V4 of N-track a whirl. Glad I did. It's great having WDM & ASIO drivers for my Delta 44 so I can play VSTi plugins with my external keyboard.


Wow. Build 1766 just appeared, with the bug I reported fixed, the “Keep Midi Devices Open” problem sorted and a problem pressing LIVE just after adding and instrument channel.

Thanks Flavio. That’s gotta be a record.


I gotta get off my Duff and get that new computer built.

Write Sully and get some space…

I’d like to be able to write some AVI’s…

A better digital Camera…

And… Anybody hear of that n-Track Board? It’s a great place to lurk-and-post, if you’re a musician… They got a nice multi-track editor to record tracks, with…

I sent some mail to my guy… to ask him why that link wouldn’t … I think it’s called… “Hyper”… He’s working on it… I hope…



I think you have to hit the “http://” button and put the URL in there…



Hi Ronnie:
So, that’s how it works… Thanks you…

I always just did a copy-and-paste… aka…

.aka “http://” method … Will I ever learn?? :p

My Webpage

??? :O I see… said the “***** ***”…

Thanks Ronnie…