New Build and Version Number

I just saw that Flavio has posted a new build, 1701. This one also has a new version number, 4.0.1. I can’t wait to get home this evening to see what new goodies he has for us!
Don :p

details…lots of details, please?

In case anyone doesn’t know about it, some general change descriptions for several builds can be found at the change log page here. (Note that the 4.0.1 version number apparently started with build 1698.) There has been some discussion as to why certain builds are listed and others (like 1701) are not. I have speculated that the unlisted ones are most often test/experimental builds, as Flavio uses the download page to distribute test builds to bug reporters. I suppose another explanation could be that it simply takes too much time. I guess this is something only Flavio can answer…


The unlisted ones are more than likely small fixes that no one or few reported and no functionality changes, or some optimizations that don’t really change anything the user can see…nothing useful to list.

it’s what scantee and phoo said…