New Build


Just spotted that Flavio has uploaded a new build with some great changes (don’t be put off by the date on the main page).

Support for sending midi to plugins ile Gsnap (as we discussed a couple of weeks ago. Thanks Flavio.

Here’s the full list:


Display of waveform during recording
More accurate waveforms at low zoom levels
Outline waveform display option
Support non-instrument audio VST plug-ins that accept MIDI input, e.g. Gsnap
Playback position cursor in Navigator window
"Bounce to single wave file with processing" command
Auto “Zoom All” keeps all song visible until zoom level is changed manually
Fixed rare crash when adding Midi notes in Piano Roll during playback
Fixed notes added in Piano Roll during playback not heard when added at the end of track
Fixed program not reporting an error when .sng file fails to be saved because it has “Read only” flag set

Will have to wait until tonight before I try it out…


Sounds like a good build. Of course, I haven’t downloaded since like 4.0.1 or something. maybe longer. No reason. Just lazy. :D Guess I should break out the old registration codes…

Those are some nice changes. Can’t wait to check out the changes to the wave forms, and the midi to gsnap thing will be very welcome. :)

I’m still using version 3.something. How much does it cost to upgrade? This looks like good stuff.


finaly: better waveform display and waveform shown during record!
thanks flavio!

Quote (mfilli @ Nov. 22 2005,07:53)
I'm still using version 3.something. How much does it cost to upgrade? This looks like good stuff.


I think it's $25 to get the next whole-number upgrade, ie., v3x to v4x...

if you registered 3.x after some date cutoff, then the upgrade to 4.x is free. I can’t find the date for the free upgrade. Maybe sift through the archives? ?

You must have registered version 3.3 after 02/11/2004 to be eligible for the free upgrade.

What do people use the “Display of waveform during recording” for?

I have my current preferences set to have “Generate peak files while recording” unticked.
This frees up system resources for more audio processing whilst recording…

I like to see the waveform afterwards to maybe edit it and as a visual reference to track but I don’t have any need to look at it whilst it’s recording…


So you can check clipping maybe… on some set ups.

But once it’s clipped, it’s clipped… nothing you can do about it…

Should be setting up your levels BEFORE you hit the record button using the record VU’s.

Is it does clip you’re gong to have to go back and record it again anyway…


What do people use the “Display of waveform during recording” for?

good question… it’s just another way of visually monitoring what’s going into the system i guess… same thing as watching the VU meters while you record. personally, i think VU meters are more useful if you just care about whether you’re clipping or not… but this is just another way to look at it.

i’ll throw one other thing out there… displaying the waveform during recording seems to be the behaviour of alot of other audio applications. not necessarily useful, but “pretty”. depending on how much it hogs the resources, i may find myself disabling it… we’ll see.

I’m with RichLum here.

I usually turn off anything I don’t need while recording, including vu-meters on every track, spectral views and peak file creation.

If the new looks of the wave form display takes up any extra resources, I’d like to be able to turn that off too

I’m figuring out that drawing wave files while recording serves no actual purpose. :)

Also, the new look of 'em is slow to re-generate every time I deal with a track. After I finish a ‘process’, it goes to “no outline”, and a couple seconds later, the outline is back. Not useful at this time- although I appreciate the cool look of it. Might make a good CD cover!

yeah, go under view -> wavform display.

i played with those options and found a few things that worked well and looked cool, but in the end i just ended up disabling everything except “baseline”.

Quite a few folk have asked for the function to see the wave for while recording. They see it in other apps and wonder why n-Tracks doesn’t have it - n-Tracks must not be as good because it’s missing. No doubt, it’s a cool looking feature. It could be useful if it could be made to be oscilloscope like (not quite sure how). It’s sole purpose is to appease a few igonorant folks, but that is a good reason to have it. They will learn eventually that it’s pretty useless and they’ll be happy using n-Tracks. That’s good enough for me. :)

Agreed. There must be pressure on Flavio to “be like the other guys” (this is an idea that has never actually worked for me- so live and learn). This keeping up with the ‘high-ticket’ software idea did come up previously…

I have a new Hitatchi compound-slide mitre saw I use at my job. It has a laser-line sight on it, which I never use. I just watch the blade…

Hi Sloom:
As long as ya keep your fingers offa the blade… Sorry… that ain’t funny… I just had ta say it…

Has anyone figuered out the amount of resourses that is required to run that feature? A lot of us are just doing one-or-two tracks at a time… But the guys that are tracking upwards of eight tracks could “Bottle-Neck” their set-ups… Well… mabey…


I agree that it’s most likely a “keep up with the Jones’” feature, it’s something I’ve never even thought of, tbh - When I’m recording, I’m too busy playing or singing to watch the screen. If I’ve got the levels right, then I should get a good technical take, even if the performance is erratic…

However, If you are presising over a session, the gathered throng like to have something to look at, so in terms of kudos I think it helps.