New builds

New builds are coming faster than I can evaluate them…:)…Flavio, did you get a home espresso machine :)?..I still have to close/reopen Ntrack to get the track eq to work after recording a new track…now, if I change settings on the eq while playing I get a stuttering for about 10 seconds…If I have an audio track and try to only use the “copy effect settings” clone feature from another track,it copies all of the file attributes to the new file…


Right, after adding lanes some of them have been a little shaky. But to me, V6 over the others is much like vista over W/2000 or xp. Big difference. I still like opening and working in 4&5 but am a little disappointed when 6 isn’t opening and I’m seeing v4 or 5. :agree: Keep up the good work Flavio!