new convolver VST available

like SIR, but less CPU hungry

I haven’t tried it yet, but thought I’d share: just learned about a new (open source, free) VST plugin for convolutions. This is the same thing SIR is, though details vary.

For folks who don’t know what convolutions or SIR are, it’s a way to record the response of a room (or whatever) and build a reverb that very closely imitates that room.

Find out more here:

According to the author, it’s variable-latency – the latency depends on the impulse file, and more complex (longer) convolutions have more latency. SIR has fixed latency. It does report latency to the host, so n-Track should be able to compensate for latency (but not in certain situations, like LIVE use, and other cases as we’ve seen).

Also according to the author, it uses about 10 times less CPU than SIR. This may be very helpful to folks who like a lot of SIR but don’t have the MIPs for it.

Currently it’s mono only, but they want feedback and to fix issues (it’s in beta release).

Hey thanks for the heads up Jeff.
if they can get stereo working would be great.

I use SIR for just about all my reverb as it sounds the best to me. Only “problem” for me is the CPU load.
Latency isn’t too big an issue for me as I just make sure I don’t use it whilst tracking.

But lower CPU load would be great and hopefully allow me to experiment a bit more with more instances.

Will need to keep our eyes on this…


Grrr… It doesn’t run on the Windows Media Center Edition of XP… (rats!)

I didn’t realize it earlier, but they already have a DX version, which does work in stereo.

vanclan, I’m sure they’d want to hear about that. The kvraudio thread is

Just let 'em know you’re just a user, not a developer (that’s a developer forum). That way you won’t get questions you couldn’t possibly answer.

Unfortunately, they already know that. That is what they say on their webpage.

I have not found a way of running it with the Windows Media Center Edition (MCE) interface.

Hopefully, they will find a solution.