New Cover Tune Recorded

For You Kansas Fans!

I know I have been missing in action the last few months. I have been ampless since January and finally received my brand new Mesa Boogie Mark V head. I have had a couple of weeks under my belt and really like it! It is super versatile. Channel 2 is a huge upgrade over the Mark IV’s version. Here is a quick clip I put together of Channel 2 Crunch mode. I really like the lead tone I was able to dial in for the solos.

Thoughts? All recorded with the most current version of n-Track 5.…%29.mp3

yeah, that lead tone is way phat!

as someone who is pretty familiar with kansas’s repertoire, i must say i kind of miss the organ to give the rhythmic counterpoint. i like the double-tracking of the rhythm guitars for bigness of sound. it works.

now you just need someone to channel their inner john elefante to do the vox.

Thats some great playin.
And I do love the Mesa Boogies.
The only two real amps I have left are early Boogies.
Problem is, even with the 15 watt option, they are loud, and in a small shared living house, it doesn’t always work out.
Is there anything new with the latest Boogies that lets you get that cool tone at lower volumes?

Yup. Awesome tones. Miss the organ too. Grab a VSTi and slap it on there?


maybe get one of them “volume soakers” to go between the head and the cab, so you can crank the amp to get the tone but output a low volume.

Very nice tones! Loved it! :agree:

Let’s see, Mesa has a couple combo’s that go down to 5 watts, Lone Star and another one (25/5 5/25), not sure the name on it.

Sounds great, real smoooth distortion on it! I know you must love it! Super guitar playin too! :agree:

Thanks for the compliments guys! I don’t hang here nearly as often as I should. Yeah, I know what you mean about the organ hits. It is a part of the real tune that defines it. I’ll keep posting new clips soon.

The funny thing is I just sold the Mark V amp. I really loved it but I had the opportunity to pick up an excellent condition Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+. I am really looking forward to putting it through its paces. It should be in my possession by next Monday. I will certainly post a review and clips at that time.