New Dewey-O Universal FX Plug-In

A must have!!!

This new plug-in feature adds unlimited amounts of useless noise and babble to your recordings, e-mails, forums, etc. The basic version Includes variable Ignorance and Annoyance adjustments. The deluxe version includes added features such as Jerk Boost and a patented Intelligence Compensation Filter (ICF)that filters out any intelligent content.

Warning - There is a current bug: Once installed, you can’t uninstall or turn the #### thing off. Developers are working around the clock to find a permanent fix.

:laugh: that’s good tommy!!

:D Love it Tommy. But think Dewey’s already got the built-in ICF


"do-he"s already has a plug in…thats why he’s so irritable


To the wish list of features, may I suggest the STFU on/off button - default to the ON position - thank you.


Does it really need an OFF? :)