New Finn brothers CD

Man, it’s really sweet…

Just got the new Finn brothers CD & the first 4 songs were killers!!! First impression is that a little “tighter” their first one (which I also liked alot). You can’t beat these two brother’s harmonies - they just know how to sing together.

I noticed it was mastered by Bob Ludwig in Portland, Maine - couldn’t get a better mastering engineer than Bob.

The album is dedicated to their mom, Mary who apparently died while they were working onthe project. I found an interview today:


Although Neil says their mother, Mary, is “an all-pervasive but not explicit” presence on Everyone Is Here, she died before the fruits of her sons’ labours were complete. Neil: "On the first Finn album (Finn, 1995), it was a grabbed opportunity between other things. We just went in, did it and whipped it out. That wasn’t how we wanted to make this record."

Tim: "There was a lovely rambling, organic feel to the writing phase. It reminded me of doing a first album - you don’t have a deal and there was no one to impose a structure or a deadline. We just took as long as necessary to get an album’s worth of songs, where we believed in every single song and we could both inhabit every song."

The beach on the “wild west” coast north of Auckland where they both have second homes provided a location where they could explore the core strengths and nature of their blood ties. “New Zealand gives you isolation,” says Tim. “It’s very easy to turn your back on the world, especially on the beach we go to. That feeling where everything drops away and you feel really small is achieved easily. It sounds vague but that’s a prescription for how I’d like people to hear the music, as if they were standing on a beach.”

Love the Finn brothers. The Crowded House (ok…and Split Enz) albums are packed with some stellar writing and performances as is the first Finn Brothers collection.

There is a strong McCartney influence in a lot of their tunes.

Will have to check this one out.


There is a strong McCartney influence in a lot of their tunes.
Lennon's there too!

I've listened more to the CD & it's alittle "popish" in a Beatlesque way but I still like it alot.