New Firepod

Need help setting up


I picked up the Firepod. I need some help setting it up.

1. The main thing is that rather than 10 separate inputs, there seems to be 5 pairs, which makes it cumbersome to record several tracks. I’m sure I have a setting goofed up.

2. I also noticed that there is a balloon (near the playback VU hammer) telling me multiple outputs are selected. But when I check that just one output box is checked.

3. N is randomly inserting a sound (like a door bell) every 20seconds or so, telling me this is an eval version. When I disconnected the Firepod, this went away.

Any thoughts??? I sure don’t feel like having to learn Cubase… :D

Nevermind guys. Mr Lazy here (me :D) should have simply searched the forum before he posted a redundant question…

I found lots of threads from previous discussions…