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pricing/sales/ policy question to Flavio

I’m glad the board is back up again. Thanks.

The question I have for you Flavio is:

Will those of us who bought the Fasoft compressor and EQ be compensated in any way if we buy v4?

I’ve already purchased v4 and like it very much. However for those of us who paid for the Fasoft plug-ins, we will now be buying them again in v4. I bought the plug-is at v3.1 and I like them but people who paid for them and are upgrading or already did upgrade are basically paying for them twice.

Of course N-track is a bargain and so were the plug-ins, but thats why some of us are here- we have to spend conservatively.

I’m not demanding you do anything though I do ask that you consider what I’m saying and give us an answer or explanation of your policy.

After using 3.x I decided to buy the plug-ins because 3.x was so good I was convinced that the plug-ins would be also, and they are. I plan on staying with N-track because it can do everything and more than I need. I’ve tried all the others and I really prefer N-track because of its features and user interface.

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The versions of the plugins that are in version 4 will not work (other than as a demo) in other audio editing applications. Whereas the versions you paid for will work fully. The included versions working functionality is proprietary to n-Track version 4.
Even though you may only intend to use n-Track solely, the purchase of those plugins alone would be no different than if you where to purchase any other plugin from any other vendor. That is the ability to use the purchased plugins in any supporting program.

That’s my take on the matter. Whether Flavio see fit to make other accommodations … he would be the one to answer that.
In all honesty … I don’t see it happening.


As far as fairness goes, note that the price of N-track has gone up somewhat for version 4. And if the included plugins only work as demo versions in other programs as crankz1 says, then that means they are not the “full” versions which can be purchased separately. So it’s a slight price increase for “enhanced” demo plugins. So maybe the deal can be called fair after all?


Do you mean that if we know the proper incantations, we can use our paid-for and registered V3 plugins with V4? Or any other app?

If so, what are the proper incantations?

The FA Soft plugs (compressor and EQ), at least the ones with ver 3.x, were standard old DX plugs that are able to be used in any DX capable host program. They should show up in any DX host in the effects list.

Right, never mind. I see I misinterpreted the original post & thought he implied he’d need to repurchase the plugins.

Perhaps if you bought them just before the release of V4, Flavio might be kind enough to do something about it. But I already got my $20 worth, frankly. And I like that I can use 'em as a plugin anywhere, if I want. When I upgrade to V4, that won’t be an issue for me.

You all make some valid points but my original question still stands and I want to hear what Flavio has to say.

I’m not putting this to him in a “complaint” mode- just as a loyal customer and N-track supporter who would simply like a direct answer from him.

I’m sure there are many other opinions besides mine and the ones expressed above. Letting us know where we stand now will clear up any question about this issue for future customers.

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My guess (this is just me) is that the answer is no. As with most software and products, as they age, more value gets added in. When things are the newest on the block, you pay a premium for them. What was once an option on a 1975 Buick (power steering) is now standard equipment even on the the lowest cost Kia. Now let’s look at this in computer terms where things evolve in months… We used to pay $40 just to get something to defrag our hard disk or compress a file, now XP has a defragger and ZIP support built in. Just my 2¢. But he might consider different upgrade pricing for those who already have the plugs. Who knows.

“who knows?” Only Flavio.

I know you’ve been very busy repairing the hacker damage and I know you have a lot of catching up to do as far as v4 improvements go so I understand any delayed response.

Flavio, let us know your position on this question.

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Since you only want Flavio to answer you should email him directly, then post his response. He’s pretty good about answering direct questions, while he don’t post here very often. He does read it regularly though.

I do think the question has been answered though.

I have the paid-for compressor and EQ on my home machine and they work outside n-Tracks, while I have V4 installed on my work machine, were the paid-for comp and EQ are not installed. They work internal to n-Tracks as registered but are demos in SoundForge.

I will admit that I didn’t have a fresh copy of V4 installed on my home machine and THEN install the paid-for versions, so the only way to really know for sure would be for me to install them on my work machine…but I haven’t paid for them there yet.

Are you saying that the plug-ins for 4 are not stand-alone while the original eq and comp plug-ins are and that is why there is no upgrade discount?

I haven’t tried to test 4 yet to see if the plug-ins are permanently intergrated or not, but if this is the case, I can understand there being no breaks.

However, we should know about these things before we buy them. This is not a question that would come to mind unless you sat and thought about it.

Also, it would have been nice if we could have upgraded to a special version of 4 without the integrated plug-ins for those of us who bought the original stand-alone versions. It makes sense because we already have FA-Soft EQ and Compression.

In any case, I’m glad I stuck with N-track after trying out everything else.

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Are you saying that the plug-ins for 4 are not stand-alone while the original eq and comp plug-ins are and that is why there is no upgrade discount?

You get the functionality of the paid-for plug-ins to be used in n-Tracks when you buy V4, but if you want to use them outside n-Tracks you need to buy them separately. If you already paid for the effects then they can be used outside n-Tracks once installed -- installing only registers them.

As least that's what it look like on my machine at work when I have the paid for version of V4 and don't have the paid-for effects.

It appears to be what you’ve said Phoo, but neither of us are completely sure. In any case it would have nice to be able to buy a version of 4 that didn’t have the built-in eq and compression for those that already have theirs- FA soft or otherwise.

The more important question is when will v4 become as stable and functional as 3.3 I’m building up a list of problems, but I encounter so many just fooling around with toolbars and windows in 4 that it’ll be a very long list.

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Hi nocents,
before using N-track I shelved out big bucks for Logic Audio4. Not one of Emagic’s plugIns work with any other program.

Even at twice the price, N-track is a bargain.

Cheers, Tp