New Forum User Name

phoo becomes a doctor

Well…not really. The “dr” part is because some folks called my recording studio dr phoo studio in the past, and that name stuck, even thought it’s just a nice room for recording now. (I did have a real studio in the past though)

At my request Flavio has deleted my previous account name. Some of y’all have had a frustrating or impossible time logging in. That was not a problem for me, but I discovered that I was not able to modify any of my account info. The response when I tried was that I was logged on as phoo. WELL DUH!!!

So, in a effort to be able to do that I’ve set up a new account name. So far so good. We’ll see if this works, and maybe it will help Flavio (and or the Ikonboard folks) weed out the bugs in the forum software.

Well…I may be back as my old self, in some way shape or form, even if the history is gone and this phoo isn’t that phoo.

Flavio did find a bug in the forum software (reported to “them”), so some good should come of this eventually.

Let’s see how this post goes.

Well Dr - we’re about due for another Far Tones release I hope?!?!?

“Paging Doctor Phoo… Paging Doctor Phoo… please report to Gynecological exam room 101!” :laugh:


You just wanted to lose the number of posts under your name, phoo, right?



Looks like Flavio did some funky monkey magic. I'm back in business.

Hi phoo:

It’s good to see you back as phoo…

But I would know you as Dr phoo as well…
You’ve helped a lot of n-Track users with their issues…
including me… too many times…

Dr. phoo…
Dr phil…



How bout logging in as

“The Artist Formerly Know As Phoo” ?????

Yaz :)

IF you were doctor phoo which doctor would you be? Tom Baker?

keep shinin’

jerm :cool:

Dr. Who?

Dr. Who phoo…

Stop that TomS…



Sorry phoo… I couldn’t help it…

By the way doc phoo - happy belated birthday! yer really gettin’ old dude! :laugh:

WHAT? We missed “old drummer guy’s” birthday? That crap ain’t supposed to happen!!

Best wishes phoo! You ol’ tub basher you… :laugh:


Here ya Go! Happy Birthday!

HEY?!?!? That LOOKS JUST LIKE HIM!?!?!? :laugh:


D - luvs me some Muppets…

Darn!!! I thought it slipped by without being noticed for once…

…Thanks Y’all!


Well we’re both 56 now - there is a God!

Happy Birthday phoo! You ol’ NC rascal! :laugh: