New Forum User Name

56 Dec is 38 in Hex, but 70 in Oct…maybe we can use that to our advantage…somehow. ???

well I be calling ya ‘MR Phoo’

happy belated birthday sweetie

Ange x

It’d be a belated happy birthday from me, too, so I’ll just wish you about 56 more in advance. (Any after that, I definitely want invited to the party.) :laugh:

Be-lated Happy Birthday Phoo

Does not the butterfly have its wings ripped off and swallowed alive by a bird?
Master Po

Happy birthday PHoo! :laugh:

Here are some more NEW forum names for ya:

Punky Willis
Angie Angalina
Ching Crosby
Golden Cookie Finger

My work here is not finished.

Or you could say Funky Punky Willis :laugh: I’m havin way to much fun here!

Keep them saddles blazing! :laugh: