New Guitar New song

Well i finally got the guitar ive been working for for so long. The Martin DC-16RGTE. Its awesome n’ such but i hit a problem when i record. I compressed this recording of Knock on Wood that i did. Whenever i do slap harmonics or strum loudly, my recording gets all fuzzy and muddy. At first i thought it was the volume so i turned it way down. But then my recording is too quiet. Any suggestions would be great. Heres the rough take on the song.
Knock on Wood

If you have an outboard compressor before you go into your soundcard, that can help tame the peaks and also bring the quieter parts up a bit to be more audible.

Obviously will affect the sound so use judiciously and experiement a bit till you get a good balance between a nice sounding guitar and controllable levels.


Hey Zachmo…nice tunes. How are you recording the tunes? Are you using a microphone or just “plugin’ in”? How are you compressing the signal? When I record practically anything, I always put the recording in “clean” with out any processing. Once it is in the computer, I process the signal anyway I like. The problem is that you have to be pretty precise with your original recording setting this way or you can end up with either distorted junk or a signal that is too low. Careful setting of the input volume should take care of any problems. Make sure that you do not peak past -3db during the loud strums or slaps.

Good luck


Nice guitar. My best friend has the OOO size version of that same guitar. I have the 000-15 (as you see in the avatar) the M-38, a backpacker and the newest addition is a 1920 Martin Style B mandolin (just this past weekend).