New guy in town here - question about VSTi's

Hi folks. I downloaded N-Track and it looks really amazing for what I do which is mainly guitar audio-in over backing tracks. Can someone advise me as to how full-featured and stable N-Track’s capabilities are for handling VSTi’s. I use Absynth, Sonic Synth and Battery to build soundbeds and backing tracks and I need to be able to use these without a lot of trouble. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I’m mainly interested in how well midi behaves and what general plugin stability is. :)

In the past few months, Flavio has changed quite a bit of the coding in regards to VSTi handling and it is quite superb. I use a lot of VSTis and have found n-track to be very stable and fast with some of these recent tweaks. Plus, with the inclusion of the freeze capability, you can squeeze much more blood from the turnip in regards to softsynths and effects. I think you will not be disappointed. Download the demo and see for yourself.