new hard drive - now soundcard problems

I came home the other day to a “blue screen of death” and a hard drive saying “buzzzzzzzz.”
So needless to say, 2 years later my overtaxed hard drive bit the dust. Fortunately all my nTrack files are on a separate USB HDD.

Anyway…I went out and got a new 60gb HD and I’m good to go.

I reinstalled Windows, all my apps, soundcard drivers etc. just like I did 3 months ago when I got some nasty viruses and had to reinstall Windows…

Now when I open nTrack - select a .SNG file - wait for it to load - then click “PLAY” - it gives me this:

"ERROR: Recording format not supported by the hardware. 24 bit recording/playback may only work with WDM or Asio drivers. Try selecting the soundcard’s WDM or Asio drivers in the File/Settings/Preferences/Audio devices dialog box."

I was having a similar problem BEFORE the new hard drive, with getting my MIDI device to work and after I installed the ASIO4ALL driver, etc.

But now I’m on a fresh system, pretty much the same as when I first bought nTrack, and I didn’t get the error then…so I’m wondering what’s happened.

I did “restore all defaults” in the Audio settings panel - and both IN and OUT are set to “MME Mapper” just like they were before the hard drive crash. And I wasn’t having this problem then, once I restored defaults.

And oddly enough…
It gives me the error message twice, I click OK through both…
And it plays back the file anyway.

I’m going to forward to Flavio and see what his take is, but anyone who can answer sooner, I would be grateful.

have you checked that your preferred sound card is selected in control panel/sounds and audio? It may help to deactivate the standard windows sound driver.

Don’t use MME: Wave Mapper. Select the actual device you want in the prefs. Wave Mapper justmeans use whatever is selected as the default system wave device in Windows Control Panel (this is what sinbad is getting at). If that doesn’t solve the problem look at the playback and recording formats selected. Chances are they aren’t set to something your card supports.