new hard drive


im using an old machine,a compaq with a 533 pross,98 se,n track 3.3
things go ok,but my old hard drive only had 7gigs space,so i installed a 80 gig one to be a slave,or storage or whatever,
what im asking is does anyone have any suggestions how i should or could use it,do i just want to record to it,do i put the ntrack program on the new drive,etc?

I’d suggest you leave n-Track where it is (i.e. the old drive), and then use the new hard disk for storing the wave files.

You’ll get two benefits from this. Firstly, the second drive probably has a shorter access time and more cache etc. and is thus faster than the old one. This means more data from the frive per second, which translates into more tracks in n-Track. Secondly, the recording data is stored on a separate drive which may be a great thing if Windows crashes on the first to the extent that the driive needing formatting. Keeping the wave data on a separate drive is a sound approach to take…

regards, Nils