New Heavier Mark IIC+ Clip (Big Open Chords)

All recorded within nTrack 6

Sorry about all of the clips lately but thought I would share what I have been doing with nTrack 6. I was asked to do a quick clip of the Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ with big open chords. I decided to do Lines In The Sand by Dream Theater. It is a real quick clip of the tune. I have never played it before but the real tune has majestic and big sounding chords. Turned out pretty good. Don’t mind the playing. I know it isn’t note for note.

Thoughts? This was recorded at really low volume. Have a couple of sleeping kids in the house. Turn it up when you listen.

Don’t apologize for the clips Gib, sounds awsum. Great tone and playing on both postings! :agree:

That’s a pretty cool website you posted those clips on too.
Love the sound of some of those kit amps they seem to be selling.

Edit: but I’d rather have your amp! :)

he uses a petrucci model guitar and did a dream theater song. how appropriate (unlike some people on here. you know who you are, which is good cuz i don’t).

that’s a great guitar sound! i always thought dream theater was the easiest to jam to and cover (not. never even tried it. would be pointless for me).

It’s one thing to have one of those amps…
Then it’s another thing to dial-in the buttons…
Those tracks sound great…
in the technical sense and, in the musical sense, as well…


p.s. Ain’t that a nice page… :)

Yeah, really good tones in that one, both the chorus clean and the distorted tracks sound great!

Thanks everyone. It is a really fun amp to play so far. Sounds great live!

:agree: :agree: