-=New Heavy Tune!=-

Dark, Heavy, Groovin’

Hey guys, please check out my new tune, any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

It’s the one called ‘Lucid Scream’.



\m/ METAL \m/

Love the groove at 0:50. Love the syncopated chaos at 2:30

What about vox?

Thanks man!

I’ll probably add vox eventually to most of my stuff, just want to get a short CD’s amount of material first.

loved the recording. would love to hear what kind of lead/melody ideas you’ve got going on here (if any?) is this meant to just be instrumental?

sounds good, but it sounds like the symbals could use a little reverb to soften them up. Just a thought. Good stuff though. :)

Great guitar sound - very tight, but it’s just a bunch of riffs - can’t wait to hear it with vocals - that will bring it alive. Nice performance!