New Interface

Ok, I am in the market for a firewire interface…I am running an Audigy 2 and because I am basically lazy, I was wondering…if

since the Audigy has a firewire port…would I encounter problems using it as my firewire portal?

I am looking at the Edirol fa101 or the Presonus Firestation


Got me. I’d be curious to know the answer too. :)

I admit I’m curious too. However, to avoid unforseen complications, if it were me…I’d install a dedicated FireWire card (Adaptec or something) in an unshared PCI slot and be done with it. Keep the Audigy if it can co-exist, if not, eBay it.

Just my opinion of course… :)


I don’t think I will tempt fate. Not only am I lazy, but I am chicken too!

I think I will get a dedicated firewire card and get on with recording via a cleaner pathway.

Right now I am hooking everything up to a Tascam 424mkII and I need to get modern and go direct.

Guess we’ll never know what would happen.


They had the Adaptec Fireconnect three port card that is supposedly THE most compatible card at Bestbuy for $40 today. May be cheaper online. I think its the Fireconnect 4300.


Hi syn707. If you want to ask about Audigy Hardware capabilityes, This (kxproject forum) is a good place, i believe that this guys know the audigy chips&tricks better than creative labs :wink:
And dont ebay it!!! (what you say TG? :angry: :D ) it have a nice feature called “soundfonts without latency” that maybe in the future you can found usefull. :wink: Just my opinion.

Don’t sell yourself short. You should be full of confidence that you can accomplish anything that involves computers do to the wonderful training you received at B…(Uh, “you know where”).
etaws (formerly, D…(“You Know Who”)

Nice to see I’mnot the only one who was married to my 424 mk. 2…
I robbed the mic preamps from that thing for years…LOL

But can you get those 8 inputs to 8 mono wave tracks (or 4 stereo)? All of those are there, but you can select only one at a time.

Evitaws… I am not worthy…lol

Phoo, I dont think you can select one channel at a time. My Audigy isnt necessarily a problem. However, I would like to have the A/D convertor outside of the box.

My studio is a one person op. If it’s ensemble based music, I lay a MIDI rhthym base then add guitars, maybe a recorder or harmonica and of course, vocals. So I only need two analog ins (with 48v fP), and midi I/O. I’d like to have the A/D outside the box, decent preamps would be nice and headphone and monitor outs. So I dont know if firewire would be overkill for me. This would allow me to dispense with the 4 track mixer, various preamps,

Marce, thanks for the Audigy site. I did look over the specs for the Audigy and it does state that the firewire port if for networking purposes…This was also echoed by and added that it can be used for an external hard drive too.

So I am now looking at USB interfaces…unless I can benefit from firewire…for my level of recording.