New lock-up problems

Anyone else having this issue?

I’m using version 4 with 24bit asio drivers… been recording a CD for the last six months and had a very frustrating problem show up last week. If I try to load a second song, N locks-up to the point that a reboot is required. This will happen even if I close N-track and re-open it, then load a song. I basically am having to do a complete re-boot each time I load a song or I get a crash that an ‘end task’ and ‘kill process’ won’t fix.

I’m not sure what has changed. I’ve reinstalled and let it overwrite my configuration each time. Very frustrating.

Any ideas?

Perhaps you’ve got a badly behaved plugin?

If your card supports another driver type (eg WDM) try that.


That’s an idea… however, I tried opening songs that I don’t have any plugins running on an get the same problem. I don’t recall any new installs either as I use this machine for recording. I have also closed explorer and get the same issue. If I load a new song the song I get some partial windows and it just locks to the point I can’t even ‘end task’.

If I don’t have any plugins running… could a plugin still be causing an issue??

Desparate! Any help or ideas is highly appreciated.

There were some stability issues with earlier V4 builds. What build are you running?

It’s rather strange that it just started happening but then that’s computers for you.

Have you scandisked your drives just incase something flakey is going on there?

Are there any newer drivers for your soundcard?

The problem with DAW instability is that we only tend to use our machines for very specific purposes (ie running n-track). If that’s all we do, when it crashes, it’s hard to know if it’s the applicaion mis-behaving or the PC O/S or hardware. Perhaps you have flakey hardware? Dodgy RAM, video card???

Just thoughts…



Check the number of AUX returns in the default song. Make sure there are more than enough for the song being opened. There has been a recurring bug in the beta versions that would cause n-Tracks to fault if the number of AUX returns in the existing master mixer were less than the number in the song being opened.

I have not seen this in any recent builds, but Flavio has fixed it twice in the last few months. If you aren’t on the latest version then that may be the problem.

There have been similar problems when some dialogs (mixers, strips, whatnot) were not open in the present config but were in the song to be opened. As far as I know all have been fix in the latest build.

I’m running 1846 now… I’m at work so I can’t remember the last build though I beleive it was January of this year before I started the project. I was noticing in another post that someone mentioned renaming the VSTdat.dat and ntrack2.cfg files? I’ll try this too. Also, I will try the aux send/return and mixer panes problem when I get home. Would the best way to fix this be resaving the song with a new .sng file name?

Thanks for all the thoughts! You guys rock!

THANKS EVERYONE! It ended up being a video card problem. I’m not sure why… but after one of the last lock-ups I finally got the win XP error code… cut and pasted it into Google, which brought back a whole bunch of info on overheat, and instability problems related to my Radion card. Not sure why it popped up all of a sudden since this is the card I have had since the beginning… but replacing the video card has fixed my problem with N lock-ups!! and some other issues I had forgotten about.

Thanks to all for the help!