New Lucid Dream album - FREE download!

Comments welcome!

Hey guys. It’s been a while, but me and my buddy Graham, aka Lucid Dream, have finally released our latest album of songs. If you want to download it, it costs nothing! For anyone that’s interested, you can grab it from my website using this link which takes you to my downloads page, where you can get all of our work, or the direct link to the latest album is HERE. The download is a zip file with the album in 256k mp3 format, complete with pdf artwork should you decide to burn it to CD. Of course, for those that want to splash the cash, there’s a physical CD available from the SHOP page too… :wink:

I’d like to massively thank Bruffie, and Poppa for adding cherries on top of a couple of songs in the way of vocals and drums that took my ordinary writings and made them into complete songs. Plus another good friend, Eric, who added maniacal screaming to one of the tracks. (He does “insane” very well…) Thanks guys. I owe you numerous beers…!

I’d love to hear any comments, good or bad!

Cheers lads and ladies!



Cool - off to download…

Sorry, gave the wrong url from the downloads page of our site… Try THIS…

Cheers Darren. Lookin’ forward to this.

Not sure my contribution was a Cherry :) More a turd that you polished up well mate :agree:
Great album Darren, diverse songs and great production, good job Bro!