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Yup it’s white.

I just got this bad boy. It rocks!! The inlay is to die for.

White in perfect condition. :agree:

The above picture shows Black hardware mine is Black Chrome. (Not my picture.)


* Genuine EMG 81/60 pickups
* 24-3/4" set neck
* Mahogany neck
* Thin U neck contour
* Rosewood fretboard (ebony on vintage black)
* Abalone flags plus the model name at the 12th fret
* 42mm Earvana compensated nut
* 24 extra jumbo frets
* TonePros locking Tune-o-matic bridge
* Black Chrome hardware
* Sperzel Locking Tuners
More info here and the different colors it comes in.…=516629

Paid $1111.95 CND That included tax. :angry:
Axe Music Calgary


Nice looker that one!
Bet it sounds good too.

Edit: This guitar came with Schaller locking tuners and not the Sperzel locking tuners I mentioned in my post.



wow, and only 25 bucks (converted to US dollars)!

Thats nice Paco! A real beautie!

I like how the fiend says “a monster guitar at a lesser price.” I figure when it gets up around 1K it had better be a “monster” guitar. No reason a superb instrument can’t be made for that kind of money.

Those Earvana nuts are ace aren’t they? I just replaced a neck on my Strat, and took the opportunity to get one of those nuts. The difference is awesome. Absolutely spot on tuning all the way up or down the neck. Barre chords sounds as sweet up at the 12th fret as an open chord. Worthwhile purchase!


PS, gorgeous guitar too. I tried one myself a few months back. So well made, and sounds to match the looks!

I daren’t let my son even have :laugh: a look at that beaut’.

Wonder what it looks like if you’re wearing a white suit?
Might look like you’re playing an air guitar.

Nice get.

I found the perfect strap for it the other day. It has white strap ends with total black all the way through strap to strap. In the middle is a large leather white lighting bolt which spans 2/3’rds of the black strap. I must have been through 1000’s of straps, spanning at least 3 stores searching for the right one when I found it. I knew it was perfect the minute I laid eye’s on it.

Thanks for all the great comments folks,


Quote: (Paco572 @ Nov. 20 2009, 5:35 PM)

* 42mm Earvana compensated nut

One can get paid for being crazy? I'll have to look into that. ???

Seriously, it's pretty sweet!