Experimental/Ambient Metal (???)

Hi Guys,

Just finished recording a new tune with my new Carvin seven string. It’s called ‘Hysteresis’. Let me know what you think. All feedback welcome! (trying to get better at this whole mixing/mastering thing).

The James Dillon Project - Hysteresis



Awww, no feedback?

I liked it,
Very reminicent of Tool, IMHO.

I think it would be great with some vocals.

Happy trackin, James…


man, that song had some changes eh? :;):

anyhow, i really loved the guitar sound. that seven string sounded great and #### was it heavy. the clean sounded really good too. the bass was pretty rockin’, but the drums…hehehe. sorry man, wasn’t a fan of the programmed drums. there was a splash cymbal that got waaaaay too much use.

i still can’t decide if the frequent changes and chaotic nature of the song worked. i can’t say that i thought it flowed well, but one of the cool things about it was that you never knew what was next…so, i’m kinda hung up on that one.

keep’em coming and if that was a test for your new 7string, i’d say it passed!



I like your guitar tones a lot on Hysteresis. The mix is generally good, but it seems to be on the verge of clipping or distorting (not the good kind) in a few places. I understand you’re doing ambient music, but for my personal tastes this would work better as vocal track or with some lead guitar work.

Rubix is another interesting composition. I liked the middle eastern motif.

Overall these are both solid recordings. Are you playing the bass on this too? Can’t quite tell if it’s programmed or not, or if you brought in another musician to play bass? There’s good funky riffs going on there, reminded me of Les Claypool with Primus.

Thanks for the feedback guys.

Yeah, I’m not a big fan of programmed drums either, but I guess that’s the best I can do being in an apartment. Yes, I played the bass parts, and ironically, am a big fan of Les :wink:

I agree with the near-clipping comment. I didn’t record the guitars/bass at a high enough level, so had to boost the volume after mixing down…perhaps a bit too much.